What is ‘ethical AI’ and how can companies achieve it?

In the absence of legal guidelines, companies need to establish internal processes for responsible use of AI. Oscar Wong/Moment via Getty Images The rush to deploy powerful new generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, has raised alarms about potential harm and misuse.…

Three lessons from Aristotle on friendship

While most love songs are inspired by the joys and heartaches of romantic relationships, love between friends can be just as intense and complicated. Many people struggle to make and maintain friendships, and a falling-out with a close friend can be as…

The Nation of Islam: A brief history

May 2023 marks 98 years since the birth of civil rights leader Malcolm X, formerly Malcolm Little. Malcolm X was a spokesperson for the Nation of Islam, or NOI, and helped to lead the organization until he left in 1964 – the…

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