Lufthansa A350 Business – Los Angeles to Munich

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Lufthansa A350 Business – Los Angeles to Munich

This time we’re flying the German Flag Carrier, Lufthansa from Los Angeles to Munich on the A350. Named the “Extra Wide Body”, the Airbus A350 is the pride of European aeronautical manufacturing, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and production techniques to create a super-efficient aircraft while elevating the passenger experience. Let’s see how Europe’s largest airline fares with its business class on this game-changer.

Swiss Business Class:
British Airways Club Suites:

Filmed November 18th, 2020

The VPN I use:


00:00 – Intro
02:41 – Airport
05:49 – United Club Lounge
08:12 – Boarding
09:36 – Cabin Tour
11:22 – Seat Tour
13:56 – Taxi & Takeoff
16:07 – Dinner
18:52 – Bathroom
19:53 – In-Flight Entertainment
21:25 – Bedding & Bed
23:22 – Amenity Kit
24:43 – Breakfast
27:50 – Economy Class
29:50 – Thoughts & Landing

Songs Used:

Late Nights – Daxten
Duck in a Box – Jobii
Manhattanite – Frook
Out of My Bed (Instrumental) – Deanz
Gelatin Nature – Ooyy
Redial – Ballpoint
Too Dark (Instrumental) – CLNGR
Over the Rooftops – Many Moons Ago
Lullabye – Phury
Faded Silhouette – Helmut Schenker
Million Years (Instrumental) – Sture Zettterberg
Homeless Soul (Instrumental) – Fleurs Douces
Breathe – Daxten
Outro: Something Crazy (Instrumental) – Particle House

My Gear:

Camera: US: CA:
Main Lens: US: CA:
Second Lens: US:
Gorilla-Pod: US: CA:
Microphone: US: CA:
Gimbal: US: CA:
Drone: US: CA:
Backpack: US: CA:



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