Corey Forced Me to Write About This Can of Cheddar Cheese

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Member’s Mark Cheese Sauce, Cheddar, 106 Ounce | $6 | Amazon

Good morning, readers. I do not think you should buy this. But Corey, our deal researcher, told me I had to post this. I did not want to post this, but I love Corey too much to deny him this post. Here’s the post:

Class up your Valentine’s Day date with this ready-to-serve cheddar cheese sauce from a can. It’s like fondue, except it’s in a can. It’s $6 for a giant can. You can dip vegetables, bread, your potatoes, whatever you want in it.


You’ll get a whopping 48 servings of diarrhea cheese sauce. Preparation promises to be easy, too. The instructions say “simply heat and serve.” If you can’t remember that, there’s instructions on the can. Better still, you can water it down to increase your yield (that’s a real suggestion from the company.)

If you choose to buy this… Godspeed, you animal.