TikTok and Health — How Will it Be Used?

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When it comes to TikTok and health is it just for teaching and reaching teens?

It looks that way. But don’t count on it.

Twitter was launched as a tool for ‘status updates’ — the idea was to tell the world when you were eating a ham sandwich. But that didn’t last long. We figured out that it was really good for sharing links and valuable information. The product evolved to what you see today. Its current form is a function of how it was used.

Facebook was built to help college students hook up. And we know how that ended up.

What a technology is created to do often has no relationship to how it is ultimately used. Marshall McLuhan in The Gutenberg Galaxy suggested that “any technology tends to create a new human environment.”

So how will TikTok be used in healthcare?

We’ll see. Or you’ll see depending on how you use it.

Hint: If we see it only as a teaching tool for teens that’s where it will stay.

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