[ENG SUB] 대한항공 A380 프레스티지석 타고 LA로~ | Los Angeles | Business class | Korean Air

[ENG SUB] 대한항공 A380 프레스티지석 타고 LA로~ | Los Angeles | Business class | Korean Air

신메님이 통 크게 쏘신 비즈니스석 타고 LA로~ gogogo!
편하게 미국에 가는 만큼 가서 더 열심히 하겠습니다~!!!
We take the business seat that Sinme treat in large scale by going to L.A. Gogo!
As comfortable as we go to the U.S., We’ll go and work harder~~!!
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Cast members: Tasha(Goeun Oh), Doremi(Hyemin Lee)
Producer: Sinme(Taisik Kim)
Editor/Translator: Inhyeok Son
Editor: ByeongKyu Han
Translator: Hanjoo Kim

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