Finding Deals On SUVs With New Lower Price Options

When the price of fuel started skyrocketing a few years ago, everyone that had or was considering buying an SUV thought twice. Heading to a gas station with one of these types of vehicles was enough to put anyone into a cold sweat. People that owned a large truck or SUV were trading them in, while those that were in the market for something new to drive were steering clear of the SUVs.

The LA Times reported that in 2015, trucks and SUVs combined only made up for 50% of vehicle sales. That means that more people were choosing to buy fuel-efficient cars and smaller automobiles.

Soon, sellers were dealing with a whole new set of problems. Even though they had slowed down the production of SUVs, they were charging a lot more for them. As a result, they found that they had a tremendous amount of inventory that was taking up a ton of space on their lots. That meant one thing: they had to liquidate.

At about the same time, manufacturers started designing more fuel-efficient SUVs, and people were beginning to see some relief at the gas pumps as the prices started to come down. So when people were going to the car lot to find something new to drive, they were bombarded with the amazing deals that were being offered on the one vehicle that was previously scaring so many away.


SUVs Are Back

The first sport utility vehicles started becoming popular back in the mid-1990s, according to U.S. News & World Report. The frames from the Chevy Blazer and the Ford Explorer actually originated from pickup trucks. Following the recent dip in sales, it appears that the SUV is back.

Along with being more fuel-efficient through the design and inner workings of the vehicle itself, the manufacturers are making more reasonably sized models for those that do not want to drive the bigger tanks. Crossovers, which are a blend of an SUV and a sedan, have recently become all the rage for their sleek look and improved efficiency.

Dealers now want to get more of the crossover models on their lots, because it seems as though that is what people are buying. To have the newer models available for customers, the dealers have to clear out the much larger SUVs already on the lot. To make sure the dealers sell these models, they are offering deep discounts on their existing stock.


Finding the Best Deal

As a potential SUV buyer, now is the time to start shopping. The 2019 models are going to be coming out soon, so sellers will be offering their older models for a fraction of the price.

Just think about all the room you would have for a road trip with your friends or family in a large and comfortable SUV. There will be no reason to stuff everyone and everything into a mid-size car just because it is more fuel efficient. The SUVs on the market today are not that far off in comparison.

U.S. News is advertising a Buick Encore with a 1.9% financing plan for 60 months with $3,250 bonus cash for their 2018 model. If you are looking for something a little more robust, you can get a 2018 Jeep Renegade with 0% financing for up to 36 months and $1,500 in bonus money. Those are just two of the many great options out there.

The only way that you are going to find the best deals on SUVs in your specific area is by looking around. Either do some checking online for local dealers or get out and see what they are willing to offer. If you are someone that is good at making a deal, you might be able to do even better than what they have advertised.

You do not want to miss out on this kind of an event, so start searching for your new SUV now.