When She Donated Her Kidney To A Dying Stranger, She Didn’t Know They’d Fall In Love

Never did Ashley McIntyre imagine falling in love with a man who has one of her kidneys.

This seems like a crazy way to meet your significant other, right? Ashley heard on the radio that a 25-year-old man, Danny Robinson, was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. This isn’t the only tragedy the man endured. He recently lost his father to cancer, and his whole house had burned to the ground.

Ashley knew it sounded totally crazy, but she felt inclined to help Danny, a total stranger. Not wanting to get his hopes up, Ashley refused to meet Danny until the tests went through and doctors approved the surgery. When she met Danny, at first, she never thought it would be anything more than donating her kidney.

ashley and danny kidney

After the surgery, the two kept in touch and a romance quickly evolved. “He is truly a genuinely good person. We have so much fun together,” a teary-eyed Ashley shares.