Parents Catch Houdini Baby’s Amazing Escape On Film

Raising a baby is challenging in itself, but imagine raising one who masters ALL of mommy and daddy’s safety precautions?

This is Leo Gray. He is 21-months-old, but his climbing skills say otherwise. It all began with one baby gate, which normally does the trick in preventing a toddler from accessing other parts of the house. However, baby Leo let his parents know that one gate would not suffice. His mother, Alice, thought they were being clever by stacking two gates on top, creating a 5-foot barrier. They were convinced there was no possible way baby Leo could get through.

Ultimately, the joke was on the parents, and baby Leo has stunned them once again. With the gate being up only ten minutes, baby Leo has perfectly mastered his escape. The safety gates aren’t the only things baby Leo can escape from. This baby “Houdini” can also wiggle out of car seats, high chairs, and anything else he is strapped into.