Adorable Moment Little Girl Selflessly Helps Stranger In Need

Ella Scott noticed something different when looking out the window of Lallapalooza restaurant. She saw a homeless man, but not just any homeless man. This one in particular looked very “hungry and helpless.”

The 8-year-old realized the homeless man, later identified as David Salkowski, needed the food much more than her. She grabbed her plate of steak and potatoes and walked outside the restaurant to hand the homeless man her food.

Ella’s father, Eddie Scott, filmed the entire heartwarming act on his phone. “Ella has always had a big heart. Whenever we pass homeless people on the street, she always asks me for money to give them,” Eddie shares.

ella helping david

After uploading the video clip to Facebook, which has been viewed about 44 million times, the homeless man’s sister became aware of it. The woman called Eddie explaining David is her brother and that he is a veteran experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. She also said that he left Philadelphia six months ago and no one has been able to find him. She was “so relieved” to know he was OK.

Eddie and Ella are both now on a mission to help reunite David and his sister. “If anyone recognizes David please message me to reconnect brother and sister,” Eddie wrote on Facebook.

Watch Ella’s heartwarming gesture towards this homeless man and please share to help reunite David with his sister.