Single Dad Becomes Amazing Inspiration To Other Dads Around The World

Philippe Morgese never thought he would become a single parent, let alone having it happen at the time his daughter was only 1-years-old. With his baby girl already having a full head of hair, he knew that he needed to learn some simple hairstyles.

With the help of YouTube videos, Philippe began mastering simple braids and updos for his daughter Emma. The 33-year-old Dad ran an eBay business from home, allowing him plenty of time to learn more advanced hairstyles.

As Emma got older, Philippe became more experienced. Kids and their parents were beginning to take notice of Emma’s “professional” hairdos when she would come to school. People were more amazed that the person behind it all was indeed Emma’s dad. “Oh my goodness, you did that? That’s amazing. And it just inspired me more,” says Philippe.

Parents began asking Philippe for hair advice. One thing led to another, and Philippe and Emma decided they wanted to help other dads out there in the world, regardless if they were single or married. It was just a great opportunity for them to learn for their daughters.

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