Selfies Inspire Life-Changing Transformation For New Widow

Shortly after Justine McCabe’s husband died, the widow hit rock bottom. Justine found herself mainly eating fast food and barely leaving the house. Her depression was spiraling downhill fast and with that the weight kept adding on.

After months of grieving, family and friends convinced Justine to go to the gym in efforts to get back into a healthy lifestyle for her, and most importantly, her two children.

selfie husband

With only a few visits to the gym, Justine was beginning to feel good again and wanted to document her weight loss progress. What better way to do so then by taking a ‘selfie’ everyday for an entire year? None!

The mother-of-two was exercising six times a week and swapping out fast food for low-calorie meals. The weight loss also gave Justine a confidence she never had before such as conquering her fear of heights.

selfie skydiving

A whole year later and Justine is unrecognizable. She has lost a total of 124 pounds! “My husband’s death was a really heavy and horrible time. Having a loved one commit suicide and being in the aftermath of that is one of the most fearful, awful things you can go through. The death made me realize I needed to make a lot of changes. I needed to pursue my dreams and tackle my fears. I needed to truly live,” Justine shares.

Watch Justine’s inspirational transformation through selfies!