24 Celebs Who Got Away With Murder And Other Heinous Crimes

It is no surprise that celebrities get special treatment compared to us regular folks. From alcohol abuse to even cold-blooded murder, these celebs have walked away with their hands clean thanks to fame, money, and a talented legal team. Do you think they deserve to be off the hook?

Matthew Broderick


Matthew Broderick, the main actor in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, didn’t always have a positive reputation. In 1987, Broderick was secretly dating Jennifer Grey and the two were traveling in Northern Ireland. While driving alone, Broderick crossed over into the wrong lane and collided head on with another car, instantly killing the driver and passenger. He was charged with ‘death from dangerous driving’, but his sentence was changed to ‘careless driving’ and fined ONLY $175. The victims’ family called the case a “travesty of justice.” SO SAD.