25 Insanely Rich Pastors In America That’ll Make You Feel Very Poor

Established centuries ago, Christianity is one of the most prominent religions in the world, especially in first-world countries. With millions upon millions of members, it is no surprise the church has a decent amount of cash floating around. So, where in fact does all this money go to? Loyal defenders will say all proceeds go directly to the less fortunate, or at least that’s what is believed, while others judiciously point the finger at the pastors based off their extremely extravagant lifestyles. From jet setting across the globe in private planes, living in custom built homes, driving the latest sports car, and wearing expensive clothes, one can’t help but wonder how these holy men and women are living so large! Regardless on how their wealth is accumulated, here are the richest pastors.

1. Kenneth Copeland – $760 Million

That’s right, $760 million! Kenneth Copeland is a televangelist, public speaker, author, and musician. He operates Kenneth Copeland Ministries that is on a 1,500 acre lot. The lot includes a church, a mini airport for private jets, a hangar for his $17.5 million jet plus other aircraft, production studio, and a second church valued at $6 million residing on the lake. Copeland employs about 500 people to help maintain his extravagant estate.