Piercing Photographs of Dying Wishes Fulfilled

While most of us take many of life’s pleasures for granted, for some people such as terminally ill patients, enjoying even the most simple things may be impossible. That is, unless made possible by the generosity and good-will of other beings.

Back in March, 2015, the below photograph of a 78-year-old woman suffering from Lou Gherig’s disease went viral, not because of her illness but because her dying wish was fulfilled.


She is seen here marveling at one of Rembrandt’s paintings at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam — something she yearned to do before passing on.

Enter a local organization, Stichting Ambulance Wens Nederlands (Ambulance Wish Foundation) — the Dutch equivalent of Make-A-Wish Foundation — which was founded to fulfill the last wishes of terminally-ill patients.


Established by a veteran ambulance drive, Kees Veldboer, this organization operates with the help of volunteers and a private ambulance. Veldboer came up with the idea while assisting a former sailor whose dying wish was to sail a ship once more. Veldboer made this happen and soon found himself on the new career path of making wishes of terminal patients come true by not only arranging events for them but also transporting them to the destination.



‘Our mission is to improve the quality of the last days of a person’s life. By making their last wishes come true, we hope to bring a little light into their world,’ states Ambulance Wish Foundation’s website.


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